Mission Self Reliance-2020


The whole country came to an impasse due to the effect of Covid-19. The general holiday is going on for a period of 1 month. Although the coronavirus has no direct impact on the upper-class families in this 1 month, the middle and lower class families were devastated. Employees, businessmen all are sitting at home […]



The whole world is struggling with the pandemic Corona Virus (COVID-19). Where the developed countries are struggling to cope with this stagnation, here the situation of the people being unimaginable day by day in Bangladesh. Because of the prevailing situation in the country day laborers could not get out for work. Due to lack of […]

Iftar with enlightened people


Who are the enlightened people? Those who live in the tension of daily life, poor enough to sustain their life, those who are destitute, surviving their life fighting with stubborn poverty are enlightened person to us. On Friday (17th May) we distributed 500+ packet Iftar in 4 different points of Dhaka. Shahbag , TSC, Kawran […]

Volunteer Recruitment campaign-2019

For web volunteer opportunities picture-01

Hello Everyone!Lighter Volunteer Recruitment campaign-2019 has started and this will continue until April 24. Those who are interested in becoming one of us, please fill up the form soon.Like every year we are expecting to extend our family a bit more and this year we are conducting a nationwide recruitment campaign. The recruitment will be […]

Medical Health Camp


Free Medical Camp is one of our regular programs. Most of the time we choose a place where Medical support is not available and the peoples need that badly, and then we organize free medical camp for a whole day and provide the medical advice & necessary medicines by professional doctors. We have done two […]

Helping Flood Affected People


Every year Lighter organized Relief & Medical Support program whenever any flood occurred in Bangladesh. Previously we have organized several relief distribution programs in Gaibandha, Jamalpur, Kurigram & Dinajpur. 2000 families were served by us in these years. We also provided Corrugine to 54 flood affected families. Thus we are trying our level best to […]

Mission 21

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In every Year targeting the Mother Language Day at 21st February to spread the Spirit of Language Movement among the new generation we have taken a project to build Shaheed Minar in different Schools. Till now we have built 3 Shaheed Minars in different districts. M K Rahmania Govt Primary School-Hathajari Abdullahpur Govt Primary School-Keraniganj […]

Mission 71

2016 Mission 71 (2)

All the members of Lighter Youth Foundation have inner respect & feeling for the Freedom Fighters of 1971. Every year we select few freedom fighters who fought for the country but now they are not that much privileged. Then we try to provide the means and opportunity to have a better life in their last […]

Dream Project “Model Village”


Lighter Youth Foundation has started its dream of a prosperous and self-reliant Bangladesh by our dream project ‘Model Village’ named “Alsiyapara”. Through this project we have decided to provide them security of food, cloth, accommodation, education and health treatment. The villagers have come here due to breakdown of Teesta Strand & inundation. Most of them […]

Mission Self-reliance


Lighter Youth Foundation beliefs in self-empowerment. Every year we pick some people who can work but don’t have the ability to start any business or anything by which he/she can run his/her family. We try to provide them the initial investment (i.e. Small Shop, Rickshaw, Cow, Van, Sewing Machine, Boat, etc) by which he can […]

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