Lighter Youth Foundation is a voluntary organization of several like-minded youth who think about the social problems and want to do something for the country keeping the values of the liberation war of 1971 in their mind and heart. The foundation initially started working with a Facebook group named ‘Lighter Youth Foundation’ in 2014. Till 2017 it’s a registered organization under the Societies Registration Act of 1860 and working different social works all over Bangladesh.

What is our goal in the long run?

1. To implement social development objectives of the government through our own initiative and the resources of the organization.

2. To socially and economically rehabilitate the orphans, crippled or destitute freedom fighter & their families, widowed/old women and handicapped.

3. To distribute relief aid to the people affected by natural calamities and undertaking projects to rehabilitate them.

4. To undertake projects to find out different socio-economic problem and taking initiative to tackle the problems.

5. Taking projects to help educated or uneducated people find the opportunity of self-employment by training them in different trades of the country

Quick Stats Of Our Progress

Donate to a specific project need, for example to “500 tk. / 1000 tk. / 1500 tk. / 2000 tk. / 2500tk. /5000 tk. / 10000 tk. yearly donation for support all of our events ”, or else support us by event base donation. We are arrange many events in a year like "Mission 71", "Mission 21", "Mission self-reliance", "Helping rural students", Helping street children", "Scholarship meritorious rural students", "Helping flood affected people" etc. We are expecting to company or industry to sponsor us for make together laughing and familiar people in Bangladesh. We could make lighting Bangladesh very soon if we working together and increase our social awareness day by day.









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