What is our goal in the long run?

1. To implement social development objectives of the government through our own initiative and the resources of the organization.

2. To socially and economically rehabilitate the orphans, crippled or destitute freedom fighter & their families, widowed/old women and handicapped.

3. To distribute relief aid to the people affected by natural calamities and undertaking projects to rehabilitate them.

4. To undertake projects to find out different socio-economic problem and taking initiative to tackle the problems.

5. Taking projects to help educated or uneducated people find the opportunity of self-employment by training them in different trades of the country

Board of Directors

Mukhtar Ibn Rafique

Director (Co-founder member)

Tanvir Hossain Jony

Assistant Director (Co-founder member)

Partho Chowdhury

Assistant Director (Co-founder member)

Faisal Ibne Mamun Rabbi

President (Co-founder member)

Mustain Sakib

General Secretary

Nahid Hossain

Organizing Secretary